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''L'eau c'est la vie''... Resiglas Co. Ltd is concerned and we believe that water conservation is critically important in today's world. Rainwater harvesting system as developed by our company are appealing as they are easy to understand, install and operate. We manufacture and supply tanks & filters for household, agricultural and industrial purpose.

Benefits of rainwater

  • Independent water supply during water restriction.
  • Better quality than well water
  • No hardness (Calcium)
  • Supports water conservation efforts
  • Ideal water for plants
  • Rainwater Harvesting Scheme from Government

Uses of rainwater

  • For non-potable use (not for human consumption)
  • Flushing toilets
  • Washing floors and vehicles
  • Laundry
  • Irrigation and livestock


Rainwater harvesting installation is not a standard and must be customised according to the customer requirements and site environment. Resiglas Co.Ltd also offers technical expertise to help the customer find the best solution.

It is recommended that a filter is used before rainwater is stored in the tank. Resiglas Co. Ltd has developed filters for that purpose (wall mounted above ground and underground).

All our models of Fibreglass and Polyethylene Water Storage Tank ranging from 300 to 30 000 L, may be used for rainwater harvesting. The tank will be fitted to the customer requirements.

The diagram below illustrates the basic setup of an installation. The rainwater coming from the gutter goes through a filter equipped with a removable grating and a drain to a storage tank. The inlet of the tank may be top or side mounted. The tank will be equipped with an overflow so that the excess rainwater may be directed to a drain or an irrigation system.

rainwater harvesting setup

Water Consumption

An approximate water consumption is detailed below as a guidance for choosing your tank capacity.