Resiglas Co Ltd started its operation in 1956 by building small boats such as kayaks and dinghies. Between 1958 and 1965, in a workshop situated at Phoenix, Fibreglass Speed Boats were built.

On 10th July 1967, Resiglas Co Ltd moved to 44, Little Bridge Street, Port Louis whereby a new activity was developed. Expanded Polystyrene Products "Resipore" was introduced and blocks and sheets were manufactured. During the year 1983, Resiglas Co Ltd continued its expansion and diversified in other fibreglass products such as Resiglas Water Tanks and Meter Boxes for CEB and CWA.

In 1988, Resiglas Co Ltd bought four acres of land situated at Royal Road, Calebasses. Various subsidiary companies which were formed and scattered over the country moved to Calebasses and a new IT System were installed in year 2005.

To-day Resiglas Co Ltd has a workforce of about 210 people and is a leading fibreglass manufacturing company with a wide range of quality products such as Tanks, Boats, Swimming Pools, Furnitures, Polyethylene Rotomoulded Products, Expanded Polystyrene Products "Resipore", Dough Moulding Compounds Products, Acrylic Sanitary Wares, Domelights, Signages and other domestic and industrial products.

Resiglas Co Ltd also supplies Fibreglass Materials & Tools, Swimming Pools and Spa Equipments and Boat Accessories and Fittings.

Resiglas Co Ltd has a dedicated Sales and Technical Team to serve and always strive to satisfy the customers, owners, employees, suppliers, bankers and unions.

Resiglas Co Ltd secured ISO 9001:2008 in February 2013 and working towards consistently reviewing and improving the Quality Management System successfully renewed its certification to ISO 9001:2015 in October 2016.

Through its moto "La qualité d'abord", Resiglas Co Ltd has invested in a laboratory and has been awarded with the Mauritius Standards Bureau Certification Mark Scheme for its fibreglass and polyethylene water tank.