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Looking back… 1956 in Mauritius, Hervé Closel imported from Europe a fibreglass kit to satisfy his inquisitive mind. In his spare time he started to experiment the new material which was revolutionary at that time and discovered the potential of fibreglass. He developed the know-how and soon started to make small mouldings such as kitchen sinks and flower pots in his backyard. These were sold in a hardware store where he was working and therefore had no marketing problems. At that time no other plastic manufacturer existed in Mauritius. His small mouldings were successful and he decided to employ some workers so as to increase production. He then started to build small boats such as kayaks and dinghies.

As a going concern, in 1958, he moved to Phoenix where he had a proper workshop. The workshop was named “RESIGLAS Fibreglass Works” and proper books of account were kept. Between 1958 and 1965, the company had a rapid growth and diversified considerably. Fibreglass speed boats were being built, and acrylic, a new plastic material, was introduced. Resiglas was then employing a factory supervisor, a storekeeper, a timekeeper, a part-time accountant, two foremen and about fifteen workers.

In 1965 Taylor Smith Co Ltd, the only ship and boat builder on the island, took an interest in Resiglas and offered to join the on-going concern in order to increase its financial strength. Taylor Smith took over 50% of the business and, in February 1966, a private company named RESIGLAS COMPANY LIMITED was formed. During the course of 1966, new premises were built in Port-Louis and, on the 10th of July 1967, Resiglas Co Ltd was transferred to its new address:- 44, Little Bridge Street, Port- Louis. The company continued its rapid growth and a development certificate was obtained.

Later, in 1967, a new activity was developed by Resiglas. Expanded Polystyrene products (Resipore®) were introduced and developed successfully although limited to blocks and sheets.

In 1968, the company was experiencing a lack of working capital and was thinking of inviting a new partner. Several proposals were made to leading businesses but did not materialize. Despite the problems the company’s growth was positive and new products were being developed.

In December 1983, Taylor Smith, decided to withdraw from the company. Mr Hervé Closel, founder and Managing Director, and his spouse Mrs Anne Marie Closel bought Taylor Smith’s shares and therefore became the only shareholders of the company.

The company continued its expansion and diversified in other fibreglass products such as its famous ‘Resiglas’ water tanks and electric meter boxes. A new building was rented at the Albion Dock, Port-Louis, for the manufacture of these products; GRP and RPP became the new departments of the company. Resiglas was at that time one of the main boat builders in the region and was building boats up to 50 ft long in its boatyards. The production of Resipore® expanded polystyrene was transferred to a newly owned building at Tamarind Falls, and thus allowing more factory space for the fibreglass section at Port-Louis.

In 1988, the company bought four acres of land situated at Royal Road, Calebasses, for its future development. Infrastructure works and the construction of a first industrial building started the following year. After a fire breakout in the main Port-Louis factory in 1990, the fibreglass section and administration moved prematurely to the Calebasses site. The Port-Louis main factory was rebuilt in the same year and the fibreglass section moved back to its original site at Port-Louis, thus leaving space for new development at Calebasses.

In 1991, Resiglas Co Ltd acquired a 60% stake in Boating & Industrial Services Ltd (BIS) situated at Grande Rivière Nord Ouest. The same year a fully owned subsidiary company, Reinforced Plastic Products Co Ltd (RPP), was established to take over and develop the production of Dough Moulding Compound (DMC) Products such as meter boxes and other DMC products.

A year later, RPP Co Ltd and GRP department moved from Albion Dock to Calebasses in more spacious buildings. New production equipments were installed to increase productivity. A new building was also built at Calebasses to accommodate the sales department/showroom, account department and main store.

The activities of BIS Ltd were absorbed in Resiglas and the former company became dormant for a few years. In 1995, the company changed its name to Resiglas Importers and Distributors Co Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary company dedicated to the commercial activities of the group dealing mainly with the import and sales of materials for the fibreglass industry, such as polyester resin, glass reinforcement and ancillary products and tools.

In the same year, the company introduced new products: - Fibreglass Swimming Pools and Spas, which were manufactured for both local and overseas markets. Other fibreglass products such as silos, large tanks and furniture were also launched.

In 1997, another fully owned subsidiary company, Resipore Co Ltd with a Pioneer Certificate, was established to take over and develop the production of Expanded Polystyrene Products Resipore®. The activities were transferred from Tamarind Falls to a newly built industrial building at Calebasses.

The following year, Resiglas Group invested in the production of acrylic sanitary wares (bathtubs, corner baths, shower trays, wash basins) for both the local and overseas markets. A fully owned subsidiary company, Reinforced Acrylic Products Co Ltd (RAP) was created and had a Pioneer Certificate. A new building was built at Calebasses for this purpose.

During the same year, Resiglas set up at Calebasses a production of inflatable boats (a semi rigid boat with a fully inflatable soft bottom) so as to diversify its range of boats.

In 2000, Resiglas Group acquired Aquatec Ltd, a company involved in the production of Rotomoulded Polyethylene water tanks, situated at Riche Terre and Solitude. A solar water heater was developed and commercialised the following year. All Aquatec activities at Solitude were transferred to Riche Terre so as to rationalize the new subsidiary company.

In 2001, Resiglas established a new fully owned company, Resicraft Co Ltd, for the production of small boats and other fibreglass products. The production was set up at Solitude.

At that stage, Resiglas group with its six fully owned subsidiaries was employing some 230 persons and operating in various sites, namely Calebasses, Port-Louis, Riche Terre and Solitude.

In 2004, the group was facing financial difficulties due to a high indebtedness. A study showed that a deep reorganisation was necessary to put the group financially back on track. The objectives were to streamline and simplify the group structure, create synergies through a leaner organisation and operate through one company to create economies of scale.

In 2005, a complete reorganisation was initiated. All the subsidiaries companies were amalgamated in Resiglas Co Ltd and all activities transferred to the Calebasses site. A new IT system was installed to increase efficiency and control.

In 2008, the company has celebrated his 50th anniversary of its existence and promised to maintain its endeavour towards innovation, progress and continuous business development.

In 2010, as an innovative marketing tool and to follow the technological trend, the company invested in the creation of a user friendly website to promote our range of products and services online.

In 2011, the existing operating system was upgraded to increase the company's productivity and efficiency.

In 2012, as part of the global environmental conservation, the company integrated the ''Maurice Ile Durable'' concept by introducing compost bins and rainwater harvesting tanks.

In 2013, to maintain quality of its products and services Resiglas Co Ltd has implemented a Quality Management System and has been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Following on our continuous business development and reaching the regional markets, in 2014, representatives of the company have attended trade fairs in Madagascar and Seychelles and looks toward the future with serenity.  

In 2016, moving towards consistently reviewing and improving the Quality Management System, Resiglas Co Ltd successfully renewed its certification to ISO 9001:2015.