With our 50 years experience, we have selected a wide range of best quality tools and accessories for the fibreglass industry.

Metal Washer Rollers

Resiglass Products Fibreglass Tools and Accessories Metal Washer Roller These rollers are constructed of heavy duty gauge plated steel washers with steel spacing washers, retained on the shaft with a starlock retaining stud. The handle and shaft will interchange with our mohair rollers.

Dimensions Available:-
½” Dia – Length 2¼”, 3½”, 5”
¾” Dia – Length 2¼”, 3½”, 5”
1” Dia – Length 3½”, 5”, 6”
1½”Dia – Length 3½”, 5”, 6”, 12”

Paddle Rollers

Resiglass Products Fibreglass Tools and Accessories Paddle Rollers Manufactured from extruded aluminium, with plastic end caps, these rollers give quick wet out and good air removal of the laminate. They are easily cleaned, lightweight, and durable, used by moulding shops throughout the world.

Dimensions Available:-
7/8”Dia – Length 2”, 3½”, 5”, 6”
1¾” Dia – Length 3½”, 5”, 6”, 12”
Refill and spare washer available

Spiral Bristle Rollers

Resiglass Products Fibreglass Tools and Accessories Spiral Bristle Rollers A completely new laminating Roller designed specially for the G.R.P. Industry. The Spiral bristle roller consists of a spirally wound metal core into which are embedded bristles which penetrate the laminate to remove air bubbles whilst producing a very effective consolidating action. The roller is securely held on the frame by a device which allows the end of the roller to fit into a tight corner and eliminates clips and nuts so that the roller can be simply pulled off for cleaning or replacement. The roller has a special handle which will accept an extension and can be hung on the side of the solvent container to allow excess solvent to drain off.

Dimensions Available:-
22mm (Dia) - length 50, 100,150mm.
28mm (Dia) - length 50, 100,150mm.
Refill available

Mohair Rollers

Resiglass Products Tools and Accessories Mohair Rollers The mohair rollers is universally used for consolidating sprayed up resin glass laminates and it is an outstanding example of this type owing to the patented spiral winding of the fabric which results in a lateral movement of the pile giving a brushing effect and thus fully impregnating the glass. The fabric is epoxide bonded on to a solvent-proof roller core. The roller is fitted with detachable end caps which have a large bearing surface on the shaft and has a comfortable handle for continual use.

Dimensions Available:-
25mmDia – Length 100mm
50mmDia – Length 140mm
55mmDia – Length 180mm
Refill and spare washer available

Corner Rollers

Resiglass Products Tools and Accessories Corner Rollers For consolidating laminates in sharp corners, and places inaccessible to normal rollers.

Dimensions Available:-
3/16” (8mm) Wide x 1½” (37mm) Diameter, three radiused ribs.

Trimming knives, Green

Resiglass Products Tools and Accessories Trimming Knives Green For green trimming mouldings while still on mould and partially cured. Straight or curved blade.

Wax Fillet Rubbers

Resiglass Products Fibreglass Tools and Accessories wax filler Steel shafts, brass balls, nickel plated. The essential tools for applying wax fillet.

Resin Taps

Resiglass Products Fibreglass Materials and Tools ResinTap These large aperture, non-drip resin taps have been proven over many years to be the ideal tap for dispensing polyester resin from 200Lts drums. The sliding plate Principle gives good control of resin flow and can be adjusted infinitely from a dripping to a full-bore flow.

Dimensions Available:-
2”B.S.P to fit large hole in 45 gallon (204.5Lts) drum
¾”B.S.P to fit small hole in 45 gallon (204.5Lts) drum
Cast iron with gun metal slide.

Protective Disposal Overalls

Resiglass Products Protective Disposal Overalls These garments are ideal for use in the G.R.P. moulding shop for protection against resins and glassfibres, and with reasonable use will last many weeks, and in addition the garments will give good protection against dust in trimming shops. Made from a lightweight woven plastics material which is resistant to solvents, they may be washed many times. Owing to the lightweight porous structure of the material, the garments are cool, pleasant to wear and yet will not allow penetration of glassfibres.

Dimensions Available:-
Large and extra large (Full Zip Fronted)