The pleasure is never ending with our strong and long lasting Fibreglass Swimming Pool & Spa. Being the pioneer in their manufacture since 1994, they are made in our factory with the best quality materials using the VENUS-GUSMER spraying technology (U.S.A). You will find your pleasure in our wide range of models and sizes.

Our one-piece moulded fibreglass swimming pool are delivered to site by our transport facilities and are quick to install.

Enjoy the following advantages

- Maintenance free
- Hygienic
- Easy to install
- Save Chemicals

The pleasure is never ending with our guaranteed after sales services

Baby Pool 110

newbabypool110 Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Baby pool 110 sketch

Diameter : 1100mm
Depth : 382mm
Volume : ± 320 Lts
Perimeter : 3450mm

Specifications  View full specifications

Baby Pool 180

newBabypool180  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa BabyPool 180 plan 

Diameter : 1800mm
Depth : 650mm
Volume : ± 1465 Lts
Perimeter : 5650mm


newAthena Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Athena pool Plan 

Size : 2340mm x 1465mm
Depth : 890mm
Volume : ± 1500 Lts
Perimeter : 6400mm


 newOrion  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Orion Plan

Diameter : 1800mm
Depth : 900mm
Volume : ± 1350 Lts
Perimeter : 5650mm


 newAral  plan aral pool

Size : 2600mm x 1840mm
Depth : 1080mm
Volume : ± 3600Lts
Perimeter : 8900mm
Spa Option : Available


 newMistral  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Mistral Pool Plan

Size : 3000mm x 2500mm
Depth : 1450mm
Volume : ± 9000 Lts
Perimeter : 9900mm
Spa Option : Available


 Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Pool Jetswim  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Jetswim Pool Plan

Size : 4000mm x 2200mm
Depth : 1200mm
Volume : ± 10 000 Lts
Perimeter : 11 900mm
Spa Option : Available


 newCaspian  SketchCaspian

Size : 3300mm x 3300mm
Depth : 1170mm
Volume : ± 10 000 Lts
Perimeter : 13 200mm
Spa Option : Available


 newCaribbean  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Caribbean Plan

Size : 5800mm x 2800mm
Depth : 1050mm x 1500mm
Volume : ± 17 500 Lts
Perimeter : 15 700mm
Spa Option : Available


 newSiberian siberian2

Size: 6000 mm x 3000 mm
Depth: 1070 mm x 1500 mm
Volume: ± 16 500 Lts
Perimeter: 17 010mm
Spa Option:Available

Chelsea Bay

 newChelseabay  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa plan Chelsea Bay pool

Size : 6500mm x 2500mm
Depth : 1050mm x 1500mm
Volume : ± 19 500 Lts
Perimeter : 16 400mm
Spa Option : Available


 newKidney  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Plan kidney pool

Size : 6500mm x 3300mm
Depth : 1050mm x 1500mm
Volume : ± 25 000 Lts
Perimeter : 16 300mm
Spa Option : Available

New Cottage

 newNewCottage  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa New Cottage Plan

Size : 7500mm x 3600mm
Depth : 1100mm x 1600mm
Volume : ± 30 000 Lts
Perimeter : 17 800mm
Spa Option : Available


 newMediteranean  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Mediteranean Plan

Size : 7300mm x 3600mm
Depth : 1000mm x 1750mm
Volume : ± 30 000 Lts
Perimeter : 20 000mm
Spa Option : Available


 newBolero  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Pool Bolero Plan

Size : 7500mm x 3300mm
Depth : 1020mm x 1700mm
Volume : ± 33 000 Lts
Perimeter : 20 800mm
Spa Option : Available


 newCoral  Coralsketch

Size : 7400mm x 4200mm
Depth : 1000mm x 1650mm
Volume : ± 33 000 Lts
Perimeter : 22 000mm
Spa Option : Available


 newAntilles  Antillessketch

Size :7700mm x 4000mm
Depth : 1000mm x 1700mm
Volume : ± 30 000 Lts
Perimeter : 20 300mm
Spa Option : Available


 newGemini  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Plan Gemini

Size : 8600mm x 4300mm
Depth : 1100mm x 1800mm
Volume : ± 46 000 Lts
Perimeter : 21 500mm
Spa Option : Available


 newPacific  Pacificsketch

Size : 8400mm x 4200mm
Depth : 1000mm x 1650mm
Volume : ± 35 000 Lts
Perimeter : 22 900mm
Spa Option : Available


 newAtlantic  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Atlantic Plan

Size : 9100mm x 3600/4400mm
Depth : 1000mm x 1800mm
Volume : ± 39 000 Lts
Perimeter : 24 400mm
Spa Option : Available

Roman 1

 newRoman  Resiglass Products Swimming Pools and Spa Plan Roman

Size : 9500mm x 4000mm
Depth : 1100mm x 1700mm
Volume : ± 52 500 Lts
Perimeter : 25 700mm
Spa Option : Available


Equipment Our fibreglass swimming pool are supplied complete with filtering equipment, underwater light, manual cleaning equipment, electric control box. (Click here for more details) 
Optional Accessories Automatic pool cleaner - Baracuda and Salt Chlorinator. (Click here for more details)
Template Real size templates are available for site presentation.
Installation Installation of our swimming pools may be done by our approved contractors.
Colour Gelcoat finish as per our standard colour chart. preview colour chartClick to view colour chart


Why to choose a Resiglas Fibreglass Swimming Pool? ...some answers to your questions

Today's fibreglass pool will surprise you. Not so much because of its durability or ease of maintenance, but because of its beauty. Fibreglass pools are compatible with modern landscaping techniques which ensure that your pool blends beautifully within its environment. In addition, your fibreglass pool can be chosen from a wide range of shapes and colours so that you can ensure that its appearance will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Incomparable Strength

Fibreglass is the ideal material for pool manufacture. It combines flexibility with an internal strength unrivalled in other materials. The high tensile and flexural strength of the fibreglass shell allows your pool to flex without cracking, in locations where earth movement is a problem. No other pool material offers this important benefit.

Sheer Convinience

Fibreglass has other significant advantages over other pool materials. In most situations, you can be swimming in your new pool in a little more than three weeks after confirmation of order. Other types of pools can take as long as three months to install.

Salt Water

Your fibreglass pool is totally compatible with salt water chlorination system. Enjoy the natural beauty of salt water without the hassles of corrosion. If you combine your fibreglass pool with the latest automated pool cleaning equipment, there will be little to do, other than to enjoy relaxation and fun in the sun.

Minimal Maintenance

Your fibreglass pool comes complete with a smooth, impervious surface finish. It ensures that your pool cleans easily and needs very little maintenance to retain its sparkling fresh look.

Questions & Answers

Can you use salt water chlorination in a fibreglass pool?

Most certainly. This is a trend where it has been proved that fibreglass pools are the perfect partner to salt chlorinator.

What about algae and staining?

The smooth, non-porous surface of a fibreglass pool eliminates algae infestation and precludes permanent stains.

Will a fibreglass pool fade?

The chances of a fibreglass pool fading or discolouring are negligible, as our factory pre-formed pool is manufactured using only the highest quality gelcoat.

How Hygienic is a pre-formed fibreglass pool?

This is an important aspect of owning a pool. The good news is that the non-porous surface of a fibreglass pool dramatically reduces the risk of bacterial build-up.

If factory pre-formed fibreglass pools are smooth, aren’t they slippery?

A non-slip finish, introduced at the factory manufacturing stage, eliminates the danger of skidding or sliding.

Are all fibreglass pools constructed to the same standards?

A good point. Before ordering a GRP pool, check that the manufacturer has a reputation in the industry for service and workmanship.

Are all fibreglass pools stronger than conventional concrete or gunite pools?

The key phrase here is “Flexible strength”. Only factory pre-formed fibreglass units successfully combine strength and flexibility to allow you the option of sitting your pool in almost any soil condition and on ground not suitable for conventional pools.

Is fibreglass pools leak proof?

If it is pre-formed in the factory, the answer is yes. A factory manufactured fibreglass pool does not have any seams or joints, which means that it is ultra strong and cannot leak. It’s an assurance every reputable fibreglass pool manufacturer is prepared to give.

Is fibreglass pools any more costly to maintain and keep clean?

On the contrary, a pre-formed fibreglass pool is significantly less costly to clean and maintain. Compared to a concrete or gunite pool, your monthly bill for pool chemicals could be reduced considerably. And the satin-smooth surface of a fibreglass pool means it is child’s play to keep clean.


When you weigh it all up, the best choice in swimming pools is fibreglass and the Resiglas quality known for more than 50 Years in this industry