We have chosen high standard quality equipments for our swimming pools and spa. The filtering equipment is well protected in a compact and aesthetic fibreglass housing.

Lighting Equipment


Resiglass Lightning Equipment Underwaterlight Underwater Light (125/300 Watt)
Resiglass Lightning Equipment Transformer Transformer (125/300 Watt)


 Cleaning & Maintenance Equipment


Resiglass Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment Hose Floating Hose
Resiglass Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment Aluminium Handle Aluminium Handle
Resiglass Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment Truvac Brush Truvac Sweeper Brush
Resiglass Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment Leaf Rake Leaf Rake
Resiglass Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment Test Kit Test Kit
Resiglass Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment Chlorinator Floating Chlorinator


Spa Equipment (Optional)


Resiglass Products Spa Equipment Pump Pump
Resiglass Products Spa Equipment MicroJet Micro Jet
Resiglass Products Spa Equipment Suction Suction
Resiglass Products Spa Equipment Pneumatic Pneumatic Switch and flexible tubes
Resiglass Products Spa Equipment Air Controller Air Controller


Filtering Equipment


Resiglass Filtering Equipment Complete Unit Complete Filtering Unit for swimming Pool comprising of:-
Fibreglass Housing, Pump, Filter with Multiport Valve, Pressure Gauge and Electric Control Box

Overall Dimension: 1200mm(L) x 1200mm(W) x 900mm(H)
Resiglass Filtering Equipment Speck Pump Speck pump Galaxy 16 – 0.75Kw
Resiglass Filtering Equipment Speck Aquaswim Speck Filter AQUASWIM 3 (120kg) Complete with MPV – Side Mount
Resiglass Filtering Equipment SandFilter Sand Filter
Resiglass Filtering Equipment Pressure Gauge Pressure Gauge
Resiglass Filtering Equipment Electric Control Box Electric Control Box comprising of MCB’S for pump and lighting, timer and contactor
Resiglass Filtering Equipment Skimmer Skimmer
Resiglass Filtering Equipment Aim Flow Aim flow