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Our Polyethylene Septic Tank will contribute to the protection of our environment. Compared to concrete, they are very competitive. Their ease of installation saves time on site.

This septic tank is designed to receive and liquefy solids contained in WC waste water (toilets and urinals), and household waste water (kitchen sink, bathroom, washing machine) due to an appropriate internal set up. RAIN WATER SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED.

A grease trap should be installed between the kitchen sink and this septic tank. The grease trap is designed to retain solids, grease and oils contained in kitchen waste water. If this septic tank is used for toilet and urinals only, the number of users can be increased as mentioned in the specification.


Working Capacity : 2900 Lts

Total Capacity : 3000 Lts

Overall Dimensions : 1900 mm (L) x 1500 mm (W) x 1615mm (H)

Manhole : 2

Users : 5 Persons (toilets and household waste water) – 16 Persons (toilets waste water Only)

Inlet (in) and Outlet (out) : P.V.C 110mm

Weight : 110 Kg (cover)

Colour : Dark Green or Black

Click here for installation procedures and printable version.