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Our Polyethylene Grease Trap will contribute to the protection of our environment and your absorption pit. Compared to concrete, they are very competitive. Their ease of installation saves time on site.

Installed close to the kitchen, this grease trap is designed to retain solids, grease and oil contained in waste water coming from the kitchen. Larger solids are retained in the perforated basket and smaller solids settle at the bottom to form the sludge. The lighter grease and oil solidify and move up to float at the water surface and are trapped inside as they cannot exits due to the siphonic type outlet.


Working Capacity: 75 Lts

Total Capacity: 100 Lts

Overall Dimensions: 660 mm (Dia/Top) x 470mm (Dia/Bottom) x 590 mm (H)

Inlet (in) and Outlet (out): P.V.C 50 mm (Dia)

Weight: 20.5 Kg (Incl. Cover+ Basket)

Colour: Dark Green


For the smooth running, the grease trap should be cleaned frequently.

  • Regular Skimming of solid grease on water surface.
  • Regular cleaning of the perforated basket.
  • Removal of sludge at the bottom of the container – Approximately once every four months.
  • Fill up the container with clean water after completing all the above.

Click here for installation procedures and printable version.