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For more than 25 years, we have been manufacturing a wide range of tanks and containers for the fish farming industry (local & overseas). Our tanks and containers are heavy duty and long lasting. We work closely with this industry in order to comply with their strict exigencies.

Cylindrical / Vertical open top with flat bottom

Fish farming 1  Capacity

Overall Dimensions
Diameter (mm) X Height (mm)

1200 X 1200
1200 X 1900
1500 X 1900


Cylindrical / Vertical open top with conical bottom on legs

Resiglass Products other fibreglass products Fish Farming Tanks Capacity

Overall Dimensions
Diameter (mm) X Height (mm)

700 X 1000 (cone angle 30°)
1000 X 1050 (cone angle 30°)
1600 X 1900 (cone angle 30°)


Cylindrical/ Vertical open top and bottom to be delivered in four parts for assembling on site. Concrete base to be done by customer and fibreglass lining on concrete by us.

fish farming3 Capacity

Overall Dimensions
Diameter (mm) X Height (mm)

3500 X 1300
4000 X 1800
5000 X 1800


Construction They are made of solid fibreglass with ISO/NPG Gelcoat internally and top coating externally.
Option Acrylic sight glass, galvanised/stainless steel support, covers, inlet/outlet and overflow.
Colour Gelcoat/Topcoat finish as per our standard colour chart. preview colour chartClick to view colour chart.
Note Other dimensions may be manufactured on request at an extra cost. Above existing model may be specially reinforced and lined to suit your requirements.