Fibreglass Calibration Kegs are manufactured for the petroleum industry to calibrate pumps on filling stations. They may be used in other industry where calibration of pumps/dispencers are required.


calibration kegs2 Capacity: 295 lts
Overall dimensions: 700mm (Dia) x 1400 mm (H)
Resiglass Products Other fibreglass Products Calibration kegs1 Capacity: 14.5 lts
Overall dimensions: 240mm (Dia) x 535 mm (H)


Construction They are made of solid fibreglass.
Standard Features Acrylic slght glass, galvanized handle.
Colour Gelcoat / topcoat finish as per our standard colour chart. preview colour chartClick to view colour chart.
Note Other capacities/dimensions may be manufactured on request depending on quantity.
Kegs must be calibrated by the customer at the meteorological department or any other authority.