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Whether you are a learner, a cruiser or a sportsman, our sailing boat will meet your expectations. Our range is suitable for Kids and Adults. Their design and solid construction make them resistant to all conditions.


Resiglass Products Boats Sailing Boat Escape


Overall Length: 2m 35
Overall Width: 1m 18
Weight: 49Kg
Carrying Capacity: 1 person/60Kg

Resiglass Products Boats Sailing Boat Wind Dancer Wind Dancer

Overall Length: 4m 20
Overall Width: 1m 40
Weight: 120Kg
Carrying Capacity: 2 persons/150Kg


Construction Hull made of solid fibreglass and unsinkable. All fittings equipments are in stainless steel 316 and anodized aluminium.
Standard Equipment The above sailing boats are supplied complete with Mast, Sail, Rudder, Retractable Centre Board, Pulley Block, Rope and other fittings.
Colour Gelcoat finish as per our colour chart.preview colour chartClick to view colour chart
Option Galvanised trailer and nylon cover.