Pelican 23 Deluxe

This traditional fisherman boat is designed for all game fishing outside lagoon. Its design and solid construction is appreciated in rough sea conditions. This craft may be used with sail and/or engine. 


Overall Length: 7m

Overall Width: 2m 30

Draft: 0m 50

Weight: 830Kg

Carrying Capacity: 10 persons/ 750Kg

Recommended power: 15 - 60Hp

Engine Installation: Single or twin outboard engine, or inboard engine (30Hp max.)


Hull deck and flooring are made of solid fibreglass. Their foam filled double bottom makes them unsinkable. This boat is designed for outboard engine only.

Standard Equipment

The Pelican 23 "Deluxe" is supplied with a self bailing flooring, one front storage compartment for anchor/rope/fuel tank, four benches, three fibreglass fish boxes under flooring, mast base, one pair bow chock, one bollard, one front stainless steel U-bolt, two stainless steel U bolts at transom, two cleats and aluminium transom plate.


Metal protection on keel, front cabin, central console with seat, acrylic windscreen, stainless steel railing around windscreen, fighting chair, stainless steel rod holders, stainless steel ladder, stainless steel canopy with nylon canvas, cushions, hydraulic steering system, name marking on both sides, antifouling and galvanized road trailer.


Gelcoat finish as per our standard colour chart.preview colour chartClick to view colour chart